One rubber band at a time.

Do Nothing, Get Nothing.

Liveforonce is a concept to inspire and motivate myself and hopefully others at the same time. I have always wanted to do more: get in shape; educate myself in grammar; eat a healthier diet; start learning/doing things that interest me; and, to stop wasting time. 

I really wanted to start to LIVEFORONCE!

So, I made some goals and started working towards achieving them. However, as you and I know, it is not easy to stay on track. Therefore, I decided to get thirty rubber bands, write what inspired me on them (LIVEFORONCE) and have a 30-day countdown. I chose to have 5 reasonably achievable goals max, so that I did not overwhelm myself. The next big thing was choosing to work on each goal for 1 day, 3 days, 7 days or up to 30, depending on how realistic the goal would take to conquer. My reasoning, it was easier to succeed in completing a goal in a short period of time. And after completing it, I felt good! I then would work to maintain my achievement for additional days. Examples of goals include: stop smoking or reduce the amount, stop snacking, stop or reduce social media, stop or reduce impulse purchases or what ever it is you want to work at. Or set goals to go for a walk or run, read for ten minutes, drink two glasses of water a day or go to the gym. You can make whatever you want to start doing or stop doing. 

The rubber bands came in handy. Why? Well, if I went to eat that extra cookie or was going to turn on the TV, I would not. I would see the rubber band on my wrist. This would remind me of my goal or goals. I would then make the better choice of not eating that cookie or turning on the television and read a book.

I am not going to sugarcoat it. It takes hard work! However, if you want that change then take that step, make that leap or take that jump. Whatever you do…Make it happen!

Earl Nightingale: The Strangest Secret

This video is a little long (32 mins), but worth the watch. It is what helped to inspired and to motivate me. Mr. Nightingale (American Motivational Speaker) published this in 1956. It is very helpful!