Live for Once



This website is intended to help others in life who have always wanted to do the most simplest things, like going for a hike, signing up for the gym, learning how to draw, or dance or anything that you like to accomplish. Or maybe it’s something bigger, like going back to school or changing your career. I would like this site to be an inspiration and motivation for all those that may have fears or feel, “I’m not able to, smart enough or social enough”. Maybe it’s the fact that the choice is yours and you just need inspiration to say YES to what you have always dreamed of doing or wanted to try. We are all aware of the stories of Helen Keller, Anne Frank or George Washington Carver with physical or social impairments and the great leaps and strides they made that have gone down in history….But this website is for today, here and now, for everyday people wanting to overcome their own personal limitations or fears, from the simplest to the greatest of goals. I would like this site to succeed through people like you that have or want to LIVE FOR ONCE. This site is designed so you can find true inspiration or inspire another through the blogs of triumph!